Episode 23

23: The Rick Astley Crisis


September 4th, 2023

21 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

Isi tests Mitch's resolve as she puts the British politeness on trial. She tests him with some awkward real-world scenarios. Afterwards, the duo discuss words that don't translate into German and which language Isi, a German native feels more comfortable with, in this week's Unhelpful Advice... to improve your English, become a Podcast Member to get the Interactive Transcript and help support Mitch & Isi... ta.

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[0:25] (Hello Mitch!) Hello! (Hello!) What did someone say to us recently? Oh no, we were watching Sex and City and they tried to make it out like, her and Samantha were friends. Ta! Ta!

[0:38] Oh because she lives in London now, or so. She was in London. Ta's not American, is it?

[0:42] Yeah, it's English, but no one says ta to say goodbye. They were looking for te-ra!

[0:46] It was really odd.

[0:47] They both said ta back to each other, both in a very bad, fake English way.

[0:52] By the way, that was, And Just Like That, not Sex and the City. Did anyone watch this? What are your thoughts? So you got topics, I got a topic. What do we do first, Mitch?

[1:02] I think we should do your topic. (Yeah!?) Your Topic of the Week.

[1:07] Mine is the main topic, yeah. (Okay.)

Topic of the Week
[1:17] We have talked about this a few times, but we recently, also talked about it in our conversation call with our Conversation Members. We had a conversation call about do's and don'ts in British culture, but also in the culture of our members' home countries. So we talked about a lot of things that you should do or not do in daily life, in restaurants, in just like, social life, basically. And we came up again, with, I think, even my, because Germany and England are not so far away culturally, but there are some distinct differences. What? Why am I going to? And there's one that I have mentioned a few times, which is the only one I think that sometimes gets a bit on my nerves, is that people are so beating around the bush and so not...

[2:17] Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Beating around the bush.

[2:20] Yeah, please explain.

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