Episode 20

20: The Beast That Is London


July 24th, 2023

22 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

This week, Mitch and Isi detail their trip to the capital city, working their way around the various districts, debating the claustrophobia and feelings of being insignificant living amongst millions in the big city and generally discussing the pros and cons of metropolis life. Prior to this, Mitch tells a creepy fever-dream tale about his Croatian travel experience. Isa responds after the duo "helped" her figure out the difference between the pronunciation of 'can't' and the c-word in this week's Unhelpful Advice. And the duo then recommend Brighton as the best place in the UK to celebrate Pride.

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[0:23] Let's go!

[0:24] Let's go. Can I tell a story?

[0:27] Did you want to say hello or so?

[0:28] Oh yeah, welcome to the Easy English Podcast, episode number 20. (Ooh!) Wow.

[0:34] Wow.

[0:37] 20 episodes. Okay, my story...

[0:43] I want to tell a story.

[0:44] You want to tell a story? I want to tell a story.

[0:46] You have to... It's not to me. You want to tell a story?

[0:50] So professional, this podcast, isn't it? That's what everyone has been saying after 20 episodes; that we are professional, professional podcasters.
We refer to Nola as the baby. Sometimes we say, where's the baby?
And... or I say it, because it refers to a story I have.
And I just thought, oh, I have never told you this story, but it's a weird one.
Once I went on holiday to Croatia and went with some friends, and I got ill, quite soon into the holiday, like just flu symptoms, basically.
And they decided to go white water rafting and I couldn't go annoyingly... bugger, because I was so ill.
And we were staying in a B&B, but before Airbnb really existed.
And the B&B we stayed in had a cleaner. And, I can't remember her name for the life of me.
But, she would come in the daytime when we'd already gone out and done stuff, because I think they usually come at like 11, 12, we'd already be gone. And I remember, I was in bed, just like, the blanket curled up towards my face, just completely out of it.
And I heard like, the key going for the front door. I was like; oh, who the hell is this? And then I heard like; "hello? Hello?" I was like; "hi".
And; "hello, hello", I was like; "I'm in here".
And then I just heard like the sound of general cleaning noises.
(Ah so, she didn't know you were there.) She had no idea I was in, I think.
And then, she finally like got to like, the bedroom where I was, we were all staying in the same bedroom.
It was like six, five of us, six, five of us, all staying in one bedroom, like a bedsit.
And she came in, whoo, the hoover, whoop, and went; "oh!" And I was like: "hello".
And she went; "oh no". I was like, ah. And then she said, I was like really ill.
I was like; "I'm very sick". And she went; "oh, you look like a little baby".
And I was like; "yeah I'm really ill. I'm so sorry". And she's like; "it's no problem". So she left.
And yeah, I was ill again the next day. And, I was like asleep in a bit of like a fever dream. And then I heard again, the keys going to the front door and then the door shut and I heard; "where's the baby?"

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